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Security Consulting

Security System Consulting is a process that builds on a series of progressive steps starting with an effective assessment of security risk. Risk analysis identifies project requirements and conceptual security system design.

Our Security Consultants provide security solutions for a range of disciplines and environments, helping you navigate the evolving security landscape. Each professional security consultant is skilled, ethical, and focused on the best interests of your business, organization or agency.

UPLINK can design an individual system segment or a fully integrated system that includes all of these:

  • Access Control
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Intrusion Detection Systems

The assessment and design process will take the following steps:

Evaluation of current security systems, if any, including:

  • Inventory of current hardware and software.
  • Analysis of the performance and life cycle of the current system including maintenance concerns

Recommendation for any findings, including:

  • Maintenance Plan Recommendations
  • Improved Technologies (system upgrade to more advanced product)
  • Remote Security Services (offsite viewing and/or monitoring)
  • Itemized cost estimate of recommendations provided

Results of on-site assessments are provided within a report containing risks, vulnerabilities, and effectiveness of the current security system installed (if applicable). An independent proposal will be provided with any recommendations and benefits of those recommendations for your business.

Our goal is to education and support you in increasing the safety within your facility.

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