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Conventional or Wireless Alarms

Conventional alarm systems are built with hardwired sensors connected to an alarm panel. Worry free maintenance of such systems is a great benefit for a business where running wires for the alarm devices doesn’t require harsh and destructive retrofitting.


  • Reliable, worry free protection
  • Expand ability to both wired and wireless device


  • Need to run the wire to each of the devices

Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless Technologies and high capacity batteries are the base of the Wireless Alarm System. Wireless home security is one of the latest forms of house protection products. Using this technology, Skynet helps users secure their homes using wireless technology that can be controlled remotely. Installations of these systems are fast and non-intrusive. Whether it’s a house, business or construction site, this type of alarm system fits almost every application. Reliable and secure with batteries lasting for up to 4 years without replacement.


  • Fast and non-intrusive installation
  • Control your alarm from anywhere within range of the system (with wireless  keypad)
  • Protect hard to wire areas


  • Need to replace the batteries every 2 to 4 years.  A message for low battery will be shown on the keypad.

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